Introducing The Root Canal Anatomy Project

Professor Marco Versiani

Professor Marco Versiani

Over in Sao Paolo, Brazil, Professor Marco Versiani and his team have been busy scanning teeth with MicroCT. MicroCt is a an exciting tool for the examination of tooth anatomy, and is particularly useful for looking at root canal anatomy. The result of Prof. Versiani’s work is the Root Canal Anatomy Project. They’ve put together a website where you can go and have a look at the results of their work. It’s a great source of information and provides nice 3D views of pulp anatomy. Best of all, it’s free and Prof. Versiani will allow you to use the content for education purposes. Below is a sample of the work, and below that is the terms of the free use of the content:

The images and videos of “The Root Canal Anatomy Project” blog were developed at the Laboratory of Endodontics of Ribeirao Preto Dental School – University of Sao Paulo – and may be freely used for attributed noncommercial educational purposes by educators, scholars, student and clinicians. It means that all material used should include proper attribution and citation ( In such cases, this information should be linked to the image in a manner compatible with such instructional objectives.

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  1. Haripriya September 28, 2016 at 7:30 pm #

    nice talking about root canal treatment. i like this video and got awareness about why should take dental treatment for everyone.

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