Podcast Episode 11 – Bill Kahler on the Magic of Regenerative Endodontics

Bill Kahler is an Endodontist practicing in Brisbane, Australia.

Bill Kahler, world leader in regenerative endodontics.

Bill Kahler is an Endodontist practicing in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been keen to do a podcast examining the world of regenerative endodontics for a long time, and as it turns out I’m fortunate to have a world-class expert practicing in my home town. This episode is very technical and we get into the details of how and when regenerative endo can benefit our patients, as well as the areas that still need to be properly explored. I really do think you’re going to enjoy this episode.


Show Notes and Links

Bill’s review article on Regenerative Endodontics

Bill’s JOE article on Regenerative Endodontics in Traumatised Teeth

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Bill’s Practice website.

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