Now you see it, now you don’t

Sometimes in endodontics, we miss signs, symptoms or findings that are important to diagnosis or prognosis. Sometimes our brain fools us into thinking we see or find things that aren’t really present. This case is a good example of both of these possible errors. The patient presented complaining of mild tenderness to bite on the […]

Are Most Published Research Findings False?

Along with some other enlightening speakers, I just had the pleasure of listening to a full day of lecture material by Dr John Ioannidis. Dr Ioannidis is a leader in the field of Epidemiology and Research Statistics. In 2005 he authored an article entitled, “Why Most Published Research Findings are False”. I’ve read his articles […]

Classifying Cracked Teeth. Operation Complex Part II

CRACKED TEETH: Classification Cracked teeth can be one of the most complex, confusing and frustrating dental problems we face in every day practice. Its estimated in general practice that at least one patient per week presents with symptoms relating to a cracked or fractured tooth.  Accurate diagnosis and correct management are obviously the crucial steps […]