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Bill Kahler is an Endodontist practicing in Brisbane, Australia.

Podcast Episode 11 – Bill Kahler on the Magic of Regenerative Endodontics

Bill Kahler is an Endodontist practicing in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been keen to do a podcast examining the world of regenerative endodontics for a long time, and as it turns out I’m fortunate to have a world-class expert practicing in my home town. This episode is very technical and we get into the details of how and […]

Podcast Episode 7 – Roberto Cristescu on the Determination to Learn

Roberto Cristescu is an Endodontist in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. His story is one of determination and drive to achieve. I’ve never met anyone who has had such a strong vision of where they want to be and so single-mindedly set about taking the exact steps required to achieve their goals. He also just so happens to be one of the […]

Podcast Episode 5 – David Figdor on Producing Research That Matters

David Figdor is an Endodontist in Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved in landmark endodontic research over the last 25 years.  In this episode David recounts his interactions with some of the biggest names in endodontic research and how the literature that we reference came into being. It’s a fascinating story that I’m sure you’ll […]

Podcast Episode 4 – Viraj Vora on Making Endodontic Practice Successful

Dr Viraj Vora is an endodonist in Toronto, Canada. He is known as a critical thinker, and a talented clinician. In the episode he shares with me his thoughts on what makes an endodontic practice successful and also some of the thought processes he goes through when assessing cases. This episode is essential listening for […]

Podcast Episode 2 – Antonis Chaniotis on Managing Difficult Anatomy and Traveling the World

  Antonis Chaniotis is an Endodontist practicing in Athens, Greece. He is one of the internet’s most famous dental educators and is passionate about teaching through the medium of video. He has a special interest in microsurgical endodontics, and the management of difficult endodontic anatomy. He gives us an insight into what it means to […]

Podcast Episode 1 – Oliver Pope on CBCT Part 1

  Oliver Pope is an Endodontist practicing and teaching in Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved in researching what “normal” looks like on cone beam CT, and has fantastic insights on the relevance of CBCT findings to everyday practice. In part 1 of this podcast we discuss the interpretation of apical findings on CBCT, and the limitations […]