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The Lazy Man’s Guide to Persistent Apical Periodontitis

Persistent Apical Periodontitis (AP) refers to AP that is associated with a tooth that has had root canal therapy (RCT).  As with primary AP, bacteria are the most common cause of the inflammatory response (Sudqvist et al. 1998). Previously there has been a large body of evidence that persistent infections are commonly composed of a […]

The Lazy Man’s Guide to the Microbial Causes of Primary Apical Periodontitis

This is a dry topic, so we’ll try to cover it as simply as possible. If you just want the outline, check out the study guide at the end of the blog post. So Microorganisms cause Apical Periodontitis. How do they get into the tooth? Primary apical periodontitis (AP) occurs when microorganisms (let’s call them […]