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Bill Kahler is an Endodontist practicing in Brisbane, Australia.

Podcast Episode 11 – Bill Kahler on the Magic of Regenerative Endodontics

Bill Kahler is an Endodontist practicing in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been keen to do a podcast examining the world of regenerative endodontics for a long time, and as it turns out I’m fortunate to have a world-class expert practicing in my home town. This episode is very technical and we get into the details of how and […]

Podcast Episode 10 – Imran Cassim and Mile Churlinov on the Importance of Being Multi-Talented

Imran Cassim is an Endodontist working in Durban, South Africa. Mile Churlinov is a Macedonian Endodontist, working in Sofia, Bulgaria. They are well known for both their endodontic and restorative skills, and their commitment to sharing and improving endodontic treatment around the world. I took the opportunity to chat to Mile and Imran about why it is […]


Podcast Episode 9 – Freddy Belliard on Educating the World’s Dentists

Freddy Belliard is an endodontist based in Guadalajara, Spain and in Athens, Greece. Freddy has a passion for raising the standard of endodontics world-wide and is an administrator of two of the largest endodontic forums in the world, Roots and Endolatinos. He’s an all-round nice guy and commits a extraordinary amount of his time to travelling around the […]

Podcast Episode 8 – Carlos Aznar Portoles on Perfecting Apical Surgery

Carlos Aznar Portoles is an endodontist in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He is certified to practice endodontics in three different languages. Apart from being an outstanding endodontist, Carlos is known for his drive to achieve excellence in endodontic surgery. In this podcast we explore all facets of this exciting aspect of our specialty.

Podcast Episode 5 – David Figdor on Producing Research That Matters

David Figdor is an Endodontist in Melbourne, Australia. He has been involved in landmark endodontic research over the last 25 years.  In this episode David recounts his interactions with some of the biggest names in endodontic research and how the literature that we reference came into being. It’s a fascinating story that I’m sure you’ll […]

Podcast Episode 4 – Viraj Vora on Making Endodontic Practice Successful

Dr Viraj Vora is an endodonist in Toronto, Canada. He is known as a critical thinker, and a talented clinician. In the episode he shares with me his thoughts on what makes an endodontic practice successful and also some of the thought processes he goes through when assessing cases. This episode is essential listening for […]

The Lower Second Molar. Tricky in So Many Ways.

This case was referred as the treating dentist was astute enough to recognise that while some lower second molars only have two canals, the majority will have at least three. Only one orifice was visible mesially. The mesial roots of lower second (and third) molars are often challenging to treat for a number of reasons. […]