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Apicoectomy Failed? Maybe It’s Worth Trying Again.

In a study published recently in the Journal of Endodontics, cases of failed endodontic surgery/apicoectomy were treated with re-surgery (Song et al. 2011). A 12 month follow up with a 77.8% recall rate showed success (defined as healed or healing) in 92.9% of the cases treated. By far, the most common likely causes of failure […]

How to Manage Persistant Endodontic Disease Without Apical Surgery (Now With Three Year Follow-up)

Intentional Reimplantation involves carefully extracting a tooth, performing root end resection and retro fill, and reimplanting the tooth. It is a simple and reliable procedure which can be performed by any dentist and can be used to retain teeth that might otherwise be deemed hopeless. See the Endospot Study Guide to Intentional Reimplantation at the […]