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Now you see it, now you don’t

Sometimes in endodontics, we miss signs, symptoms or findings that are important to diagnosis or prognosis. Sometimes our brain fools us into thinking we see or find things that aren’t really present. This case is a good example of both of these possible errors. The patient presented complaining of mild tenderness to bite on the […]

Simple Guide to Pulpal and Periapical Diagnosis Part 1

In this post, we discuss a simple and practical method of classifying pulpal pathology that can be used in practice on a daily basis. For the new and updated Endospot Podcast, go to the Podcast Page. Listen to the episode here (12 minutes):The Endospot Episode 2 | Simple Guide to Pulpal and Periapical Diagnosis Part […]

How to Improve Your Endodontics in 30 Seconds Flat

A simple way to improve your endodontics is to simply take two radiographs where you might previously take one. I routinely take two radiographs with differing horizontal angulations when treating potentially multi-rooted teeth (basically everything apart from maxillary incisors) unless there is a reason not to. When dealing with root canal anatomy we’re dealing with […]