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Viral Pulpitis. This Would Have to Hurt…..

  We usually blame bacteria for causing pulpitis but………. This patient complained of severe irreversible pulpitis symptoms for four days, which were only just starting to settle. She couldn’t isolate to either the upper second premolar or molar. Her dentist had extirpated the molar but symptoms hadn’t changed. Pulp testing showed the premolar was also […]

The Squid. A Study in Persistence and Access Design

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted so I thought I’d show a case that caused me some trouble recently. The owner of this tooth had suffered a significant facial swelling and ended up in hospital. Fortunately, the swelling had subsided by the time I saw him and he was keen to […]

Pulp Testing – An Endodontist’s Best Friend

Back when I was working as an Endodontist with the Australian Navy, I often mentored newly graduated dentists. There was an interesting interaction between us that would often occur. The junior dentist would come into my surgery with a question about diagnosis. They would explain a set of symptoms and then show me a radiograph. […]

Endodontic Microorganisms

1 Minute to Bacteria Free Canals. Here’s How.

OK so a patient has come to see you complaining of toothache. It’s root canal time. You open up the lower right first molar and find a necrotic pulp. You’ve isolated well and done a nice endodontic preparation. Length is good and you’re happy with the sizes of your apical preps. You’ve been irrigating with […]

Failed Anaesthesia

The Endospot Guide to Understanding Local Anesthetic Failure

  Every dentist has had the unfortunate experience of being unable to achieve anesthesia, especially when dealing with an irreversibly inflamed dental pulp. You find yourself filled with self-doubt and feeling helpless, especially where the patient has presented in pain and you feel you need to remove that inflamed pulp! But, LA failure is a […]