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Podcast Episode 2 – Antonis Chaniotis on Managing Difficult Anatomy and Traveling the World

  Antonis Chaniotis is an Endodontist practicing in Athens, Greece. He is one of the internet’s most famous dental educators and is passionate about teaching through the medium of video. He has a special interest in microsurgical endodontics, and the management of difficult endodontic anatomy. He gives us an insight into what it means to […]

Upper Pre-molars – The weakest Link?

Upper pre-molars present as a special case when they require endodontic treatment. They are skinny, weak teeth in their virgin form, and once a marginal ridge is lost, or endodontic access is performed, their resistance to fracture drops significantly. My opinion on these teeth is that the restorative needs trump the endodontic needs in the […]

The Lower Second Molar. Tricky in So Many Ways.

This case was referred as the treating dentist was astute enough to recognise that while some lower second molars only have two canals, the majority will have at least three. Only one orifice was visible mesially. The mesial roots of lower second (and third) molars are often challenging to treat for a number of reasons. […]

Now you see it, now you don’t

Sometimes in endodontics, we miss signs, symptoms or findings that are important to diagnosis or prognosis. Sometimes our brain fools us into thinking we see or find things that aren’t really present. This case is a good example of both of these possible errors. The patient presented complaining of mild tenderness to bite on the […]

Conservation of tooth structure

Endodontic Access for Conservationists. A How To Guide.

  There are a huge number of factors that can affect the outcome of endodontic therapy. Attempting to isolate these individual factors and determine the relative importance of each is something that has proven difficult or impossible in endodontic scientific literature. Ultimately, our primary aim is to allow our patients to keep their teeth for […]