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Failed Anaesthesia

The Endospot Guide to Understanding Local Anesthetic Failure

  Every dentist has had the unfortunate experience of being unable to achieve anesthesia, especially when dealing with an irreversibly inflamed dental pulp. You find yourself filled with self-doubt and feeling helpless, especially where the patient has presented in pain and you feel you need to remove that inflamed pulp! But, LA failure is a […]

How to Simply Remove GP for Endodontic Retreatment

Below is a video of a demonstration I gave at the Jiao Tong University Dental School in Shanghai. I was demonstrating a method for removal of GP from treated canals. The method that I describe is only one of many methods, but I think it is a good way to begin re-treating. Please watch the […]

How to Improve Your Endodontics in 30 Seconds Flat

A simple way to improve your endodontics is to simply take two radiographs where you might previously take one. I routinely take two radiographs with differing horizontal angulations when treating potentially multi-rooted teeth (basically everything apart from maxillary incisors) unless there is a reason not to. When dealing with root canal anatomy we’re dealing with […]

The Lazy Man’s Guide to Persistent Apical Periodontitis

Persistent Apical Periodontitis (AP) refers to AP that is associated with a tooth that has had root canal therapy (RCT).  As with primary AP, bacteria are the most common cause of the inflammatory response (Sudqvist et al. 1998). Previously there has been a large body of evidence that persistent infections are commonly composed of a […]

The Lazy Man’s Guide to the Microbial Causes of Primary Apical Periodontitis

This is a dry topic, so we’ll try to cover it as simply as possible. If you just want the outline, check out the study guide at the end of the blog post. So Microorganisms cause Apical Periodontitis. How do they get into the tooth? Primary apical periodontitis (AP) occurs when microorganisms (let’s call them […]

Persistant Apical Periodontitis

The Lazy Man’s Guide to the Aetiology of Apical Periodontitis

Generally, apical periodontitis (AP) is a result of microorganisms entering the root canal system. Of course there are other causes of inflammation in the apical area, such as trauma, traumatic occlusion and foreign body reactions, but if we’re talking about common AP, then “bugs” are the cause (Abbott 2004, Harn et al. 2001). The classic […]

How to Manage Persistant Endodontic Disease Without Apical Surgery (Now With Three Year Follow-up)

Intentional Reimplantation involves carefully extracting a tooth, performing root end resection and retro fill, and reimplanting the tooth. It is a simple and reliable procedure which can be performed by any dentist and can be used to retain teeth that might otherwise be deemed hopeless. See the Endospot Study Guide to Intentional Reimplantation at the […]